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Noise Canceling Headphones and People Talking

The Problem I was asked for advice on buying headphones to protect students who have medical conditions that make them sensitive to noise, such headphones would have to allow them to hear human voices. Due to the significant differences in hearing issues (including physical damage and sensory issues) it seems unlikely that getting identical headphones […]


systemd – a Replacement for init etc

The systemd projecct is an interesting concept for replacing init and related code [1]. There have been a few attempts to replace the old init system, upstart is getting some market share in Linux distributions and Solaris has made some interesting changes too. But systemd is more radical and offers more benefits. While it’s nice […]


Flash, Apple, and Linux

Steve Jobs has published an interesting article about Flash [1]. He criticises Flash for being proprietary, this seems a little hypocritical coming from Apple (who’s the only competitor for Microsoft in terms of being the most proprietary computer company) but is in fact correct. Steve advocates HTML5 which is a better technical solution to a […]

Liberty Linux

Lexmark Supposedly Supports Linux

I wanted to get a Lexmark Prestige Pro805 printer to work under Linux, due to bad drivers from Lexmark and no driver support in Debian/Unstable I’ve given up and advised the people who purchased it to return it for a refund. I recommend that Lexmark not be considered when purchasing a printer for use with […]


Is the NBN a Good Idea

Since writing my post about whether the National Broadband Network can ever break even [1] I’ve had a number of people try to convince me of it’s merit. He is my summary and rebuttal of some of the arguments for the NBN: The FUD Claims are made that Australia may fall behind the rest of […]


Upgrading a SE Linux system to Debian/Testing (Squeeze)

Upgrade Requirements Debian/Squeeze (the next release of Debian) will be released some time later this year. Many people are already upgrading test servers, and development systems and workstations that are used to develop code that will be deployed next year. Also there are some significant new features in Squeeze that compel some people to upgrade […]


Creating a Micro Conference

The TEDxVolcano The TED conference franchise has been extended to TEDxVolcano [1], this is a small conference that features people who are stranded by the Eyjafjallaj√∂kull volcano in Iceland. As usual TED is an inspiration to us all, so there is obvious potential for other conferences to be organised in similar situations – there’s no […]


ATI ES1000 Video on Debian/Squeeze

The Problem I’ve just upgraded my Dell PowerEdge T105 [1] from Debian/Lenny to Debian/Squeeze. Unfortunately the result of the upgrade was that everything in an X display looked very green while the console display looked the way it usually did. I asked for advice on the LUV mailing list [2] and got a lot of […]

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Debian/Testing and KDE4

I’ve just upgraded my Thinkpad (which I use for most of my work) to Debian/testing with KDE4. Improvements Kde 3.5 (from Debian/Lenny) didn’t properly display the applets in a vertical task bar. I want a vertical task bar because my screen resolution is 1680*1050 and I find that a less rectangular screen workspace is best […]


Web Server Performance

We Have to Make Our Servers Faster Google have just announced that they have made site speed part of their ranking criteria for search results [1]. This means that we now need to put a lot of effort into making our servers run faster. I’ve just been using the Page Speed Firefox Plugin [2] (which […]