Links March 2012

Washington’s Blog has an informative summary of recent articles about corporate psychopaths [1]. Including the fact that some banks deliberately hire psychopaths.

Anu Partanen wrote an insightful article for The Atlantic about the difference between Finnish and American education systems [2]. It seems that Finland has achieved great educational success by aiming for equality with […]

Links February 2012

Sociological Images has an interesting article about the attempts to apply the word “Camping” to OWS and framing the issues [1].

Lester Macgurdy wrote an insightful article about “the snake”, a new technique for OWS protesters to beat riot police [2].

Ron Barassi suggests that “Australia Day” be celebrated on the 27th of May to […]

Links January 2012

Cops in Tennessee routinely steal cash from citizens [1]. They are ordered to do so and in some cases their salary is paid from the cash that they take. So they have a good reason to imagine that any large sum of money is drug money and take it.

David Frum wrote an insightful article […]

Links December 2011

Barry Ritholtz wrote an insightful post quoting Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City President Thomas Hoenig, who warns that the nation’s biggest banks are putting the U.S. capitalist society at risk [1]. Big banks oppose capitalism.

Glenn Greenwald has written an insightful article for Salon about the modern definition of American excellence being the killing […]

Links November 2011

Forbes has an interesting article about crowd-sourcing by criminals and law enforcement [1].

Ulissescastr0 made a Youtube video showing how to install SE Linux on Debian/Etch [2]. Probably no-one is using Etch nowadays so this video is outdated, but it’s a good way of teaching people. It would be good if someone made a similar […]

Links October 2011

Ron has written an interesting blog post about the US as a “lottery economy” [1]. Most people won’t win the lottery (literally or metaphorically) so they remain destined for poverty.

Tim Connors wrote an informative summary of the issues relating to traffic light timing and pedestrians/cyclists [2]. I have walked between Southgate and the Crown […]

Links August 2011

Alex Steffen gave an interesting TED talk summarising the ways that greater urban density can reduce energy use while increasing our quality of life [1].

Geoffrey West gave an interesting TED talk about the way animals, corporations, and cities scale [2]. The main factor is the way that various variables scale in proportion to size. […]

Links July 2011

The Reid Report has an article about the marriage pledge that Michelle Bachmann signed which implies that slavery wasn’t so bad [1]. Greg Carey has written an interesting article for the Huffington Post about marriage and the bible [2], I always knew that the so-called “conservatives” weren’t basing their stuff on the Bible, but the […]

Links June 2011

TED has published a list of resources for suicide prevention and to help survivors and their families [1].

Psychology Today has an interesting article by Paula J. Caplan, Ph.D about the recent US Supreme Court decision denying female employees of Walmart the ability to file a class action lawsuit about their poor pay and working […]

Links May 2011

John W. Dean wrote in insightful series of three articles for Findlaw about Authoritarian Conservatives [1]. In summary there are Authoritarian Followers who follow their leader blindly and Authoritarian Leaders who do whatever it takes to gain and maintain power. The Authoritarian mindset lends itself towards right-wing politics.

Mick Ebeling gave an inspiring TED talk […]