Links July 2022

Darren Hayes wrote an interesting article about his battle with depression and his journey to accepting being gay [1]. Savage Garden had some great songs, Affirmation is relevant to this topic.

Rorodi wrote an interesting article about the biggest crypto lending company being a Ponzi scheme [2]. One thing I find particularly noteworthy is how obviously scammy it is, even to the extent of having an ex porn star as an executive! Celsuis is now in the process of going bankrupt, 7 months after that article was published.

Quora has an interesting discussion about different type casts in C++ [3]. C style casts shouldn’t be used!

MamaMia has an interesting article about “Action Faking” which means procrastination by doing tasks marginally related to the end goal [3]. This can mean include excessive study about the topic, excessive planning for the work, and work on things that aren’t on the critical path first (EG thinking of a name for a project).

Apple has a new “Lockdown Mode” to run an iPhone in a more secure configuration [4]. It would be good if more operating systems had a feature like this.

Informative article about energy use of different organs [5]. The highest metabolic rates (in KCal/Kg/day) are for the heart and kidneys. The brain is 3rd on the list and as it’s significantly more massive than the heart and kidneys it uses more energy, however this research was done on people who were at rest.

Scientific American has an interesting article about brain energy use and exhaustion from mental effort [6]. Apparently it’s doing things that aren’t fun that cause exhaustion, mental effort that’s fun can be refreshing.

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