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Censorship, Piracy, and Movie Ideas

Flame has written a satirical post about the different methods used to try and prevent unauthorised use of copyright movies and the distribution of illegal porn [1]. He has also written an amusing rant about how offended he was by the false advertising of an erotic movie [2]. I think that both these issues need […]

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You Have the Right to Not Search My Bag

This afternoon I was in a Safeway/Woolworths store (an Australian supermarket chain) and the lady on the checkout asked to inspect my backpack on the way out. The conversation went as follows: Checkout Lady: Can I inspect your bag? Me: Sure. – I put my backpack on the counter CL: Could you open it for […]


How to Support Straight Marriage

There is currently a lot of discussion about how to protect “marriage“, such discussion is based on the issue of whether Gay Marriage should be prohibited to protect Straight Marriage. Some straight people believe that their own marriage would be better if homosexuals were allowed to get married, some have even declared that they won’t […]

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Other Reasons for not Censoring the Net

Currently there is a debate about censoring the Internet in Australia. Although debate might not be the correct word for a dispute where one party provides no facts and refuses to talk to any experts (Senator Conroy persistently refuses all requests to talk to anyone who knows anything about the technology or to have his […]

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My Prediction for the iPhone

I have previously written about how I refused an offer of a free iPhone [1] (largely due to it’s closed architecture). The first Google Android phone has just been announced, the TechCrunch review is interesting – while the built-in keyboard is a nice feature the main thing that stands out is the open platform [2]. […]

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Software has No Intrinsic Value

In a comment on my Not All Opinions Are Equal [1] post AlphaG said “Anonymous comments = free software, no intrinsic value as you got it for nothing”. After considering the matter I came to the conclusion that almost all software has no intrinsic value (unless you count not being sued for copyright infringement as […]


A Revolution Done Right

Amaya writes about the fact that the political process in many countries is extremely flawed and is failing their citizens [1] (although she doesn’t actually express it in that way). She asks how a revolution can be done right. If we look at the historical record, after the French Revolution came the Reign of Terror […]


Compassion for Windows Users

In a discussion which covered some of the differences between Linux and Windows, a Windows using friend asked me if I felt compassion for Windows users. I feel some compassion for people who have bad working environments. While using an operating system that has poor support for the business tasks does decrease the quality of […]


The New OLPC

TED has a post about the design of the new OLPC [1]. I never liked the previous OLPCs [2], for my use a machine needs a better keyboard than the tiny rubber thing that they had. I understand why they designed it that way, for use in places where it would be an expensive asset […]

Liberty Linux

Miro AKA DemocracyPlayer is a premier partner for the Miro player [1]. This is a free player for free online content, the site has the player for download, it has binaries for Mac OS/X, Windows, and Ubuntu as well as the source (GPL licensed), it is in Debian/Unstable. It supports downloading in a number of ways […]

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