Censorship, Piracy, and Movie Ideas

Flame has written a satirical post about the different methods used to try and prevent unauthorised use of copyright movies and the distribution of illegal porn [1]. He has also written an amusing rant about how offended he was by the false advertising of an erotic movie [2].

I think that both these issues need to be addressed at the same time. We need to have an erotic movie about a senator and some movie executives who go on a cruise. It could start with the senator wearing fishnet stockings under his suit while giving a speech about the need to prevent the distribution of pornography and “protect the children“. Then when on the the cruise he meets a young looking woman who likes wearing school uniforms and spends some of his spare time photographing her in artistic poses.

Most of the film would have gratuitous shots of people wearing less clothing than usual and spanking each other (including the senator giving a good impression of Dr Frank n Furter [3]). An element of mystery would also be good – who did the senator sleep with while blindfolded? The finale would have the senator in bed with the movie executives in an analogy of what senators do in real life (except that real life has a lot less spanking).

This plot wouldn’t necessarily imply a movie of Ed Wood [4] caliber. Let’s face it, most Hollywood movies don’t have a plot (the exceptions being those that are copied from successful movies from other times or places).

Disclaimer: This plot idea is strictly a work of fiction and bears no resemblance to any real people (I wouldn’t want my blog to end up in a secretive government blacklist). That said, if you want to imagine that any male politician who gives a speech about “protecting the children” is wearing lingerie while doing so, then go for it (you might even be right).

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