Moth in my Celery


moth in shrink-wrapped celery packet
Above is a picture of a moth that I found in a packet of shrink wrapped celery from Foodworks (a Melbourne chain of grocery stores).

I took several pictures from different angles, but I found that an almost direct photo captured it best, you can see the reflection of the flash covering part of the moth (showing that the plastic wrap is on top of it).

I opened the packet outside and after some prodding the moth flew off.

5 thoughts on “Moth in my Celery”

  1. Michael Janke says:

    Did they charge you extra for the protien supplement? :)


  2. Bob Proulx says:

    Of course we all know that it is almost impossible to prevent all contamination such as this and a moth is a pretty gentle one. But at least you know it was a good indicator that your celery was fresh! :-)

  3. Scott Thompson says:

    Gross! That would have put me off the idea of the celery altogether. Free moth poo!

  4. Jeremy says:

    At least you know it was still…fresh.

  5. Chris Samuel says:

    Maybe it was a celery sacrifice ?

    I’ll get me coat..

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