Recently I have been doing a bit of work on libcsoap (the C library for making SOAP XML calls over http) and the libnanohttp library that it depends on. The most important part of my work on it was making it thread-safe with the technique I described in my post about finding thread unsafe code [1]. But I also did some work to make the code faster, reading data one byte at a time is very inefficient.

There has been no upstream release of this software for years, email to one of the maintainers bounced and the other one indicated that they are no longer involved in the project. So I’m thinking of taking over upstream development.

The previous Debian maintainer for the packages in question has recently resigned so I’ve taken over the packaging. But for this one I think I can do better work in an upstream capacity, so I’d like to get a co-maintainer for the Debian package and possibly someone who will help with upstream work. I would appreciate any offers of assistance with these things.

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