Month: January 2009

Old PDA vs New Mobile Phone for PDA use

Since about 2002 I have been using a iPaQ [1] for taking notes while on the move. I have a pair of H3950 iPaQs that were given to me for the purpose of some software development work. As modern mobile phones have telephony as a small part of their feature set I think it’s worth […]

Misc Computer

Planet Flooding

One annoying thing that happens regularly is “Planet Flooding”. This is when one of the many blogs that is syndicated by a public Planet installation changes it’s time stamps and has 10 or more old posts appear as new. It’s doubly annoying when the blogger in question knows about the problem. Planet Flooding is easy […]


Debian Multimedia and SE Linux

I have just had a need to install packages from to correctly play .3gp files from my mobile phone (the stock Mplayer in Debian would not play the sound). As part of getting this to work in a way that I like I rebuilt some packages so that shared objects would not demand an […]


Video Camera for Shared Movies

I have never felt inclined to create content for Youtube due to the low resolution of the display and the fact that only one format is supported (Flash which is totally non-free). The existence of has inspired my interest in creating videos for distribution on the net. has higher resolution than Youtube and […]

Misc Computer

Tidal River

Tim (a member of my local LUG) writes about some observations he has made of a nearby river and speculates on a tidal bore-like phenomenon [1]. One thing that surprised me was how short the list was on the Tidal Bore Wikipedia page [2], and the fact that is it missing an entry for Tidal […]