Security Enhanced PostgreSQL

Today was the first day of Linux Conf Au 2009 [1]. KaiGai Kohei was unable to attend the conference and give a database mini-conf presentation about his work on Security Enhanced PostgreSQL [2], so I gave the presentation in his place. It was a fairly difficult presentation and required that I learn a lot about PostgreSQL in a small amount of time. But the result seemed OK, the audience seemed reasonably interested and the questions indicated that there was no extreme negative reaction to it.

After the main presentation I gave a live demo using a Fedora 10 machine image that KaiGai provided. That ended about four minutes after the specified time, which was pretty good considering that I started about seven minutes late to allow the audience time to return from the lunch break.

Tomorrow I will give another talk for KaiGai on the topic of the Security Enhanced LAPP (Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL, and PHP) stack. I will also give a talk about the status of SE Linux in Debian/Lenny.

For both talks I have a separate laptop for the demos, so after tomorrow I will only take one laptop to LCA – which will probably be an EeePC (on some days at least).

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