Month: September 2008

Efficiency of Cooling Servers

One thing I had wondered was why home air-conditioning systems are more efficient than air-conditioning systems for server rooms. I received some advice on this matter from the manager of a small server room (which houses about 30 racks of very powerful and power hungry servers). The first issue is terminology, the efficiency of a […]

Misc Computer

SE Linux in Lenny status – Achieved Level 1

I previously described the goals for SE Linux development in Lenny and assigned numbers to the levels of support [1]. I have just uploaded a new policy to unstable which I hope to get in Lenny that will solve all the major issues for level 1 of support (default configuration with the unconfined_t domain for […]


Random Opinions, Expert Opinions, and Facts about AppArmor

My previous post titled AppArmor is Dead [1] has inspired a number of reactions. Some of them have been unsubstantiated opinions, well everyone has an opinion so this doesn’t mean much. I believe that opinions of experts matter more, Crispin responded to my post and made some reasonable points [2] (although I believe that he […]


Google Chrome – the Security Implications

Google have announced a new web browser – Chrome [1]. It is not available for download yet, currently there is only a comic book explaining how it will work [2]. The comic is of very high quality and will help in teaching novices about how computers work. I think it would be good if we […]