The New OLPC

TED has a post about the design of the new OLPC [1].

I never liked the previous OLPCs [2], for my use a machine needs a better keyboard than the tiny rubber thing that they had. I understand why they designed it that way, for use in places where it would be an expensive asset […]

Debian SSH Problems

It has recently been announced that Debian had a serious bug in the OpenSSL code [1], the most visible affect of this is compromising SSH keys – but it can also affect VPN and HTTPS keys. Erich Schubert was one of the first people to point out the true horror of the problem, only 2^15 […]

Ideas to Copy from Red Hat

I believe that the Red Hat process which has Fedora for home users (with a rapid release cycle and new versions of software but support for only about one year) and Enterprise Linux (with a ~18 month release cycle, seven years of support, and not always having the latest versions) gives significant benefits for the […]

Smoke from the PSU

Yesterday I received two new machines from DOLA on-line auctions [1]. I decided to use the first to replace the hardware for my SE Linux Play Machine [2]. The previous machine I had used for that purpose was a white-box 1.1GHz Celeron and I replaced it with an 800MHz Pentium3 system (which uses only 35W […]

Release Dates for Debian

Mark Shuttleworth has written an interesting post about Ubuntu release dates [1]. He claims that free software distributions are better able to meet release dates than proprietary OSs because they are not doing upstream development. The evidence that free software distributions generally do a reasonable job of meeting release dates (and Ubuntu does an excellent […]

Miro AKA DemocracyPlayer is a premier partner for the Miro player [1]. This is a free player for free online content, the site has the player for download, it has binaries for Mac OS/X, Windows, and Ubuntu as well as the source (GPL licensed), it is in Debian/Unstable. It supports downloading in a number of ways […]

The Future of Xen

I’m currently in Xen hell. My Thinkpad (which I won’t replace any time soon) has a Pentium-M CPU without PAE support. I think that Debian might re-introduce Xen support for CPUs without PAE in Lenny, but at the moment I have the choice of running without Xen or running an ancient kernel on my laptop. […]