Hosting a Xen Server

Yesterday I wrote about my search for a hosting provider for a Xen DomU [1]. One response was the suggestion to run a Dom0 and sell DomU’s to other people [2], it was pointed out that Steve Kemp’s project is an example of how to do this well [3]. Unfortunately Steve’s service is full and he is not planning to expand.

I would be open to the idea of renting a physical machine and running the Xen server myself, but that might be a plan for some other time (of course if a bunch of people want to sign up to such a thing and start hassling me I might change my mind). But at the moment I need to get some services online soon and I don’t want to spend any significant amount of money (I want to keep what I spend on net access below my Adsense revenue).

Also if someone else in the free software community wants to follow Steve’s example then I would be interested in hosting my stuff with them.

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  • Dude, rimuhosting are really worth giving a go. They occasionally have some great deals not listed on the website too.

  • Howdy, Russell,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and I find myself agreeing with and/or impressed with most of what you write.

    I run a quasi-professional tech cooperative. We have about 60 members, with members from around the globe. Our members include folks who work in academia, public-benefit organizations, high-profile for-profits whose names you’d recognize, low-profile socially responsible for-profits, free software developers whose names you’d recognize, and folks such as myself who are self-employed consultants.

    We have two cabinets of colocated equipment at an datacenter in San Francisco, running at about 80% of capacity. (Meaning 80% of 80% of rated power, meaning we can fit a few more servers before we hit 80% of our rated power circuit capacity.) We’re looking for ways to (1) make our operations more efficient (environmentally, economically, and otherwise) (2) make our business operate more consistently, with an ongoing focus on sustainability and social responsibility.

    If you’d like to join us, I’d be thrilled. If you wanted to host a Xen dom0, I’d be happy to help manage the hardware as I’ve done for a VPS hosting company based in London. Alternatively, we can provide you a VPS on one of our coop-managed dom0s, whose primary sysadmin has a day job as a well-respected sysadmin at a University of California campus.

    Also, I’m one of Steve Kemp’s customers, and I’m not making very effective use of my VPS. If you’d like to share it with me, I’d be happy to talk about that. Mostly I want to use it as a Zenoss monitoring endpoint, which means there’s room for other uses as well.


    Australia: +61280147240
    US: +14154622991

  • VE

    I’ve used in the past and was quite happy with them. I’m pretty sure they are an all debian shop, btw.

    I’ve heard really good things about slicehost but have not used them.

  • Well, in my blog post I meant “sharing to lower cost” as in “lower the cost for each one”, not as in “selling service to make a revenue”. ;)
    I wonder what you want to host that you seem to need that much bandwidth/traffic? How much traffic do you expect per month? Currently I have 800 GB traffic/month unused until shaping would occur…

  • Debianist

    Check out

    PS. They’re supporting many free software projects.

  • Yahoo! for “xen hosting australia” turned up

    Come on Russell, it ain’t that hard.


    Presumably Adrian Chadd (who runs it) knows what he is doing.

  • Hi,

    I’m interested by your idea ! Because I’m looking for a hosting. I send you a mail (in few hours) to talk with you and to get more information.

    See you

  • Have a look at, I have a VPS with them myself. Its run by one of the admins and a lot of its users are users of the mailing lists.


  • carbo

    I have had a dedicated managed server with Server Intellect now for some time now. I will recommend them to you if your looking for a new server host. Great support all around.