Month: January 2008

Victoria Hotel Melbourne

I have just stayed at the Victoria Hotel Melbourne. I booked it through and paid ~$110 per night instead of the list price of $186 per night. The location is great (little Collins St near Swanston St). It’s a short walk from most things that are in the central city area and the nearest […] Review

Weather in Melbourne

Some people have been asking about the weather in Melbourne in late-January in terms of what to wear for Linux.Conf.Au. It is probably impossible to predict weather for a particular day this far ahead. But predicting a range for the week is not difficult. I think that you should expect at least one day that […]

Oaks on Market

A few days ago I stayed in an apartment at the Oaks on Market [1] hotel which I booked through The WotIf price was $159 per night – the list price was $376 per night. It was possible to get extra beds for $30 each per night if you wanted to get more people […] Review

Some LCA Melbourne Advice

At the end of the month we are having (one of the best Linux conferences in the world) in Melbourne. Here is some quick advice for people who are attending: If you have not yet booked a hotel then is a good option to try, it’s a hotel booking web site that is […]


Linux in Singapore

Are there any active LUGs in Singapore? A friend in Singapore is about to set up his laptop to dual-boot and would like the possibility of getting some direct help if it ends up not booting Windows… I looked at the page listing LUGs in Singapore [1]. There are two entries, one has a […]


No more War On Terror in the UK reports that the UK government will no longer use the term War On Terror [1]. Sir Ken Macdonald (the UK’s chief prosecutor) said that “terrorists” are criminals and need to be responded to in that way. This of course is the only logical and sensible thing to do. Soldiers who are taken prisoner are […]


Comment Policy

I’ve been thinking about the comment policy for my blogs. I have started deleting comments when people subscribe to comments and use fake email addresses (I get the bounces and it’s annoying). Also I am deleting comments that don’t make much sense or which don’t address the topic of a post. Some people seem to […]


Blog Friends?

There are some people who’s blogs I read and often comment on or reference in my own blog posts. Some of them regularly make comments on my posts and reference my posts in their own posts. Of these people some of them I have never met or don’t seem to have conversations with when I […]


Labour policies and Internet Censorship

Glen Turner writes about how Internet censorship could hurt science [1]. The ABC has an article about what is planned [2] which includes “Senator Conroy says it will be mandatory for all internet service providers to provide clean feeds, or ISP filtering, to houses and schools“. If Senator Conroy sticks to that plan then section […]


Low Power – They Just Don’t get it

For a while I’ve been reading the Lenovo blog Inside The Box [1], even though I plan to keep my current laptop for a while [2] (and therefore not buy another Thinkpad for a few years) I am interested in the technology for it’s own sake and read the blog. A recent post concerns a […]