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Are there any active LUGs in Singapore? A friend in Singapore is about to set up his laptop to dual-boot and would like the possibility of getting some direct help if it ends up not booting Windows…

I looked at the page listing LUGs in Singapore [1]. There are two entries, one has a site that has not been updated for over a year, the other has no mention of meetings.

Is visiting a nearby country the best option for someone in Singapore who wants to meet other Linux users?

For anyone in a country without an active LUG, it would be good if you could create one. Even if it’s only a bunch of people having a scheduled meeting every month for food/drink. Once you have the meetings arranged other things can happen, random people who need help can bring in laptops to get advice. Also there was one occasion where I gave a lecture about SE Linux (which went for approximately an hour) in a back room at a bar, if you have an audience and a venue then sometimes guest speakers will just show up.

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  1. Chris Samuel says:

    Maybe Colin would know about whether there’s anything in the area of Malaysia adjacent to Singapore ?

  2. SLUG is your best bet in Singapore. Check them out at

    They have an active mailing list, and monthly meetups. Well organised, well populated.


  3. Eugene Teo says:

    Yes, we do have an active mailing list at (the server was down last night, and I have informed the administer about it), and monthly meetings at And if you are dropping by Singapore, you can always look for me.


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