Month: October 2007

Can SE Linux Stop a Linux Storm

Bruce Schneier has just written about the Storm Worm [1] which has apparently been quietly 0wning some Windows machines for most of this year (see the Wikipedia page for more information [2]). I have just been asked whether SE Linux would stop such a worm from the Linux environment. SE Linux does prevent many possible […]


Executable Stack and Shared Objects

When running SE Linux you will notice that most applications are not permitted to run with an executable stack. One example of this is libsmpeg0 which is used by the game Freeciv [1]. When you attempt to run the Freeciv client program on a Debian/Etch system with a default SE Linux configuration (as described in […]


Reducing Automated Attacks

I read the logs from my servers. The amount of time I spend reading log summaries is determined by how important the server is. On the machines that are most important to me I carefully read log summaries and periodically scan the logs for anything that looks unusual. The amount of time taken is obviously […]


Public Security Cameras

There is ongoing debate about the issue of security cameras, how many should there be, where should they be located, and who should be able to access the data. I spent about a year living in London which probably has more security cameras and a greater ratio of cameras to people than any other city. […]

Politics Terrorism

Ideas for a Home University

There seems to be a recent trend towards home-schooling. The failures of the default school system in most countries are quite apparent and the violence alone is enough of a reason to keep children away from high-schools, even without the education (or lack therof). I have previously written about University degrees and whether they are […]


Xen Memory Use and Zope

I am currently considering what to do regarding a Zope server that I have converted to Xen. To best manage the servers I want to split the Zope instances into different DomU’s based on organisational boundaries. One reason for doing this is so that each sys-admin will only be granted access to the Zope instance […]


LUG Meetings etc

Recently I was talking to an employee at Safeway (an Australian supermarket chain) about Linux etc. He seemed interested in attending a meeting of my local LUG (which incidentally happens on the campus of the university where he studies). I have had a few conversations like that and it seems that it would be good […]

Linux – Useless Search

I’ve just started getting a lot of traffic referred by It seems that my post Porn for Children [1] is the second link returned from a search for “porn” and my post Porn vs Rape [2] is the third link. These results occur in two of the three settings for “safe search” (the […]