LUG Meetings etc

Recently I was talking to an employee at Safeway (an Australian supermarket chain) about Linux etc. He seemed interested in attending a meeting of my local LUG (which incidentally happens on the campus of the university where he studies). I have had a few conversations like that and it seems that it would be good to have some LUG business-cards.

It shouldn’t be difficult to make something that is similar in concept to the Debian business cards [1] for use by a Linux Users Group (LUG). That way when you tell someone about Linux you can hand them a card that has your name and email address along with the web site for your local LUG.

In other news I will be attending a meeting of the Linux Users of Victoria (LUV) [2] this evening and will have some Fair Trade Chocolate [3] to give away to people who arrive early. The chocolate in question is now sold by Safeway for a mere $4 per 100g (not much more expensive than the regular chocolate).

2 comments to LUG Meetings etc

  • Ooh, free chocolate, now there’s a way to get people to turn up! I like your style.. :-)

  • etbe

    It seems that few people read my blog post before the meeting though. I intentionally gave short notice so that only the people who regularly check blog posts saw it. Maybe next time I should give more notice.