Custom Search for Planet Linux Australia

Here is a Google Custom Search for Planet Linux Australia (homepage):

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Google Custom Search Engine I’ve just been experimenting with Google Custom Search [1]. Below… planet debian I am aware of the problems in displaying my blog… Planet Linux Jobs Victoria As part of my ongoing plan to make things easier… […]

Google Custom Search Engine

I’ve just been experimenting with Google Custom Search [1]. Below are two custom search engines I created to generate searches for Planet Debian and Planet Ubuntu (for each Planet it searches all the blogs that are syndicated – and doesn’t just get the category that is syndicated). It’s interesting to compare search terms such as […]

Categories for Best and Most Popular Posts

I have just added two new categories to my blog, one is for the most popular posts [1] (as indicated by the number of hits on the permalink pages). The other is for the best posts [2]. My criteria for adding a post to the best-posts list is that it provides some information that is […]

The Surge and War for Oil

On there is an interesting article about statistics and “The Surge” in Iraq [1]. It explains how there is not yet enough data to statistically determine whether The Surge is succeeding in improving the situation in Iraq. Some of the comments point out that the “ethnic cleansing” in some parts of Iraq has been […]


I have just read an interesting post by Ted Ts’O about copyright protection on the net [1]. Ted is well known as a free software programmer, but it’s slightly less well known that he is an avid Science-Fiction fan. In the Free Software community most people seem to be interested in Sci-Fi, but Ted is […]

iRiver H320 and Liquid

Recently my iRiver [1] H320 had some milk based drink spilt on it. I’m not sure what the drink was (I discovered it when my iRiver stopped working and the drink was dry) but it smelled like coffee or hot chocolate when I washed it off (I considered tasting it but decided that knowing exactly […]

More About Google Earth

I recently wrote about problems with Google Earth [1]. In comments it was pointed out to me that there are some Debian packages of it in contrib. Installing the package ttf-bitstream-vera solved the font problem and running it directly (not through ssh -Y) on a machine with DRI support made it run reasonably fast on […]

Multiple Pointers in X

After having read Brice Goglin’s post about what to expect in X for Lenny [1] the thing that seemed most exciting is the support for Multi-Pointer X [2]. This allows multiple keyboards and mouses with a separate keyboard focus for each. So you can have two people typing two different things on the one desktop.


Some Good and Bad Ideas for Recruiting

Eweek has an interesting article about Microsoft’s latest bad hiring idea [1] (their previous one was hiring a model to try and give the idea that IT work is cool [2]). They have created a web site to try and get people who consider themselves to be geniuses to work for them.

One significant […]

Google Earth – Almost a Great Program

My mother just asked me to get Google Earth (link to download page [1]) working on her machine so she can see where my sister [2] lives.

So I download all 20 megs of the sucker (of course it had a horrible license agreement that precludes packaging for Debian or any other sane distribution) and […]