Dead Links

I’ve found a reasonably good free spider for checking for dead links, When I told it to spider my main site it worked well and informed me of several dead links that I fixed. When I told it to spider my blog it reported an error 404 and didn’t give any useful output. Strangely it was able to display a thumbnail picture of my main blog page that correctly had all data.

I was wondering if it didn’t like WordPress so I tested it out on Chris Samuel’s blog [ ]. It seemed to have no problems with his blog, so I suspected that it was the request time. I reduced the number of blog posts shown on the front page of my blog to 1 to speed things up (which resulted in my page loading faster than his) but still the spider didn’t like me.

I now suspect that it’s something related to me using WordPress 2.2. I would be interested in feedback from other people who try checking their blogs for dead links, whether they are using WordPress 2.2 or something else.

In any case it’s a useful service and I recommend using it.

3 thoughts on “Dead Links”

  1. When it finishes checking it displays the message: “The dead link checker can report as a broken link any address if the time to get any response is higher than a fixed limit. The timeout is deliberately short to make a faster analysis. Repeat the analysis if you have any doubt.”

    Maybe your blog timed out and that’s why it reported a 404. The explanation I find for displaying the thumbnail is that is getting it from somewhere else [0], is not parsing the html.

    That’s what sounds more logical to me.




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