blogging software

Previously I asked for advice about running an Intranet blog, and running an Internet blog with hosting for friends.

In response to the question about running a small Intranet blog the recommendations were strongly for WordPress, with a mention of Ikiwiki as well. One of the features that I consider desirable is for software to be reasonably popular which means that support is often easier to obtain. So WordPress is my main candidate at this time for Intranet use. I’ll install WordPress and probably won’t try anything else unless WordPress fails in some significant way (which seems unlikely).

In response to my question about a blog server for serious blogging again WordPress was well recommended. There is also a version of WordPress in beta called WordPress MU that supports blog server operations such as Although I didn’t mention it before I have had some ideas of starting my own server along such lines so WordPress again does well.

Over the next few weeks I will start playing with WordPress and WordPress MU. If things go well I’ll move my blog away from blogspot and to a domain I own in the near future.

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