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Jesus Climent writes about donating laptops.

Free Thinkpad

I have a Thinkpad 385xd laptop to give away for free. It has a PentiumMMX-233 CPU, 96M of RAM, a 3.2G IDE disk, and a 800×600 display. As of my last tests it works well and is currently running an old version of Debian.

The power connector on the laptop is a little broken (it takes a bit of work to plug the cable in) and the cable is also broken (I think that some of the wires are broken and it gets hot when used for a while). Probably the best thing to do would be to solder the cable from the PSU onto the motherboard.

If anyone has a good use for such a machine that benefits a free software project and can arrange to collect it from Melbourne Australia then let me know.

Also I can bring it to any conference that I attend.

Update: I recommend not giving things away via blog posts.

I had many responses from people who obviously didn’t read my post properly and none from people who I could meet who wanted to run Linux. So I gave it away at a meeting of my local LUG.

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  • taryn

    im very interested i really need a laptop but cant afford one except i live in qld but i would pay for postage and handleing