music for children

Adam Rosi-Kessel made an interesting post about They Might Be Giants producing children’s music because their original fan base are now old enough to have children.

From casual inspection of the crowds at events such as Linux Conf AU it seems to me that many serious Linux people are also at the right age to have young children, and several blogs that are syndicated on Linux Planets provide evidence of this. Therefore it seems that there is a market for Linux related children’s music.

Many aspiring artists complain about the difficulty of establishing a reputation. I think that if someone was to release OGG and FLAC recordings of a children’s version of the Free Software Song under a Creative Commons license then they would get some immediate publicity through the blog space and Linux conferences which could then be used to drive commercial sales of children’s music.

While on the topic, it would be good to have a set of children’s songs and nursery rhymes to teach children from a young age about the community standards that we share in the Free Software community. There is no shortage of propaganda that opposes our community standards, the idea that sharing all music and software is a crime is being widely promoted to children.

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