source dump blog

Inspired by Julien Goodwin‘s post I created a new blog for myself named Source Dump. Source is different to other blog content in that updates to fix bugs may be required (generally I believe that ideally blog posts should not be edited once published and in the rare cases of editing being necessary all such edits should be appended to the end), and in that it may be longer than is suitable for a Planet feed. Finally Planet and other aggregators may mess up source code. If the source is only visible through my blog then I can be reasonably sure that it is usable by everyone who sees it.

So when I have source code to publish that is related to blog postings or mailing list postings I now have a place for it (I haven’t yet made a posting).

I will not be submitting my Source Dump blog for syndication anywhere, but if anyone wants to syndicate it they are welcome to do so. I don’t desire that it not be syndicated, I merely recommend that it not be syndicated for the convenience of readers due to the potential large size of postings and the potential for postings to be broken by aggregation.

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