Rip It Off unless you use windows?

The music sales website has the advertising campaign ripit – don’t rip it off. However the web site displays the below message when viewed on a Linux machine. The “step by step guide on how to enable Firefox” is really a guide on how to get IE code running in a tabbed window in Firefox (so you can get all the security problems that Firefox normally prevents).

Ripit has a big advertising campaign (TV and all the other places) with the slogan “ripit – don’t rip it off“, but it seems that this has the caveat that people who don’t use Windows aren’t wanted as customers. Are non-Windows users expected to “rip off” the music?

What are the options of buying music without dealing with the music cartel? I’m sick of all the things that they do, preventing free trade to articially inflate prices in some countries, ripping off the musicians, putting root-kits on CDs. Eventually the recording industry has to be destroyed. Most money from CD sales goes to the recording industry (not the musicians), the products provided to the customers are of low quality and customers are routinely treated like dirt, the recording industry does no good for society.

From now on I will not buy any CDs or DVDs of music from the recording industry cartel. I will only buy music from web sites that support standard Internet protocols. If a music company doesn’t want to support Firefox then they don’t want my money. For any music industry people who read this, don’t get the idea that I’m unable to pay for music. I have a large collection of CDs (thousands of dollars worth) and was just starting to buy music DVDs when you finally offended me too much.

Thank You for visiting the Ripit Music Store

We have detected that the browser you are using is not compatible with the Music Store that you are attempting to access. This site has been designed to work with Internet Explorer Version 6 or above. Please launch the site in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or click here to download Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.
Also, music can only be downloaded via your Windows PC as this store is not compatible with Macintosh.
If you are using Mozilla Firefox, please click here to view the step by step guide on how to enable Firefox to surf the Soundbuzz Music Store

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