Advice for speakers

I am not an expert at public speaking. Attending Toastmasters to improve my speaking skills is on my todo list. However having given hundreds of talks over the course of about 14 years and being paid for giving talks (the minimum criteria to claim to be a professional speaker) I think I can offer some […]

more on clean energy

One new technology for saving fuel in cars is the 6 stroke engine. This is an engine that has two power strokes for every intake of fuel. The first power stroke is from the fuel burning, the second is from water being injected into the cylinder and boiling rapidly using steam for power. A significant […]

Rip It Off unless you use windows?

The music sales website has the advertising campaign ripit – don’t rip it off. However the web site displays the below message when viewed on a Linux machine. The “step by step guide on how to enable Firefox” is really a guide on how to get IE code running in a tabbed window in […]


For a long time I’ve enjoyed reading books by David Brin. Not only does he have some good sci-fi ideas and a good writing style, but he’s also a cool guy when you meet him at a signing. One of the core concepts in a number of his books is the idea of uplift, whereby […]

RAID etc

On a closed mailing list someone wrote: 2 X 120gb ide drives installed as slaves on each ide channels. … Presto. A 230’ish GB storage NAS for all my junk.

I’m not going to write a long technical response on a closed list so I’ll blog about it instead.

Firstly I wonder whether by “junk” […]

Debian SE Linux

Yesterday Erich Schubert blogged about reducing Debian SE Linux work due to lack of hardware. To solve such problems I’ve put a Debian/unstable machine on the net and given Erich the root password. Also now I am starting work on Debian SE Linux again too. There should be some significant developments in Debian SE Linux […]

planet debian, spam, and SE Linux

In regard to my post yesterday about Planet Debian I received the following response: James Purser said I’m betting that your feed is an atom feed. We had the same problem on PLOA with Jeff and Pias feeds when they switched to atom. Planet needs to be upgraded. Well I am using an atom feed, […]

planet debian

I am aware of the problems in displaying my blog in Planet Debian. I have filed a bug report with blogger and informed mako. There’s nothing else I can do at the moment, if you use Planet Linux Australia then things work OK. I’m not sure whether Planet Debian or Blogger is at fault.

Sorry […]

root-kits on robots

This story on on the topic of rootkits is interesting (note the OSs involved). Also it made me wonder about the other possibilities for a root-kitted robot, the mind boggles at how it might determine whether you need an enlargement to some body part…

365tomorrows is a good site, they post a short sci-fi […]

clean energy

There are many people claiming that nuclear power will solve all the ills of the world. However this does not seem to be possible. Firstly you have to consider the hidden costs of nuclear power such as deaths from the mining industry (ingesting uranium ore is a really bad thing) and the difficulty in disposing […]