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mailing list culture

There is currently a big debate in progress in Debian. I am not going to mention any specifics because too much of it has already been blogged (maybe in the same syndication in which you read my blog). I think that the way things are going is more an illustration of the failings of mailing […]


Debian SE Linux

Yesterday Erich Schubert blogged about reducing Debian SE Linux work due to lack of hardware. To solve such problems I’ve put a Debian/unstable machine on the net and given Erich the root password. Also now I am starting work on Debian SE Linux again too. There should be some significant developments in Debian SE Linux […]


planet debian, spam, and SE Linux

In regard to my post yesterday about Planet Debian I received the following response: James Purser said I’m betting that your feed is an atom feed. We had the same problem on PLOA with Jeff and Pias feeds when they switched to atom. Planet needs to be upgraded. Well I am using an atom feed, […]

Blogging Security

planet debian

I am aware of the problems in displaying my blog in Planet Debian. I have filed a bug report with blogger and informed mako. There’s nothing else I can do at the moment, if you use Planet Linux Australia then things work OK. I’m not sure whether Planet Debian or Blogger is at fault. Sorry […]