Reading Glasses

About 4 years ago at a routine eye check the optometrist recommended that I get reading glasses. Apparently I’m old enough that my eyes are losing their ability to focus at different distances to having different glasses for close and remote objects (EG reading and driving) is necessary for good vision.

The optometrist asked me the distance that I use for reading and I indicated a distance that is good for books and phones (about 20cm). So I got a pair of glasses that worked well for that but didn’t work well for the vast majority of my close work which is computer monitors. I found that I could use my reading glasses with my laptop when lying in bed if I had the laptop on my chest with the keyboard touching my chin, which is a reasonable position for watching TV but not for much else.

About 2 years ago I had another eye check which determined that the glasses for long distance were good and got reading glasses designed for objects about 80cm away which worked well for monitors and were usable for watching TV.

Recently I accidentally broke my newer pair of reading glasses and discovered that the older pair now works for distances of about a meter. So it appears that I have become significantly more long sighted over the last 4 years.

1 comment to Reading Glasses

  • Well, a tip to everyone, once they get to a point
    that cataracts threaten vision, tell the surgeon that
    you want a pair of lenses that exactly focus on
    the computer screens that you have in
    your place.

    That’s what I insisted on @73 seasons and counting, am
    real happy. Don’t wear glasses and eyesight both good enough
    to get by with near things, and good enough to get by
    / pass driving license eyesight. Recommend it
    highly …