Squirrelmail vs Roundcube

For some years I’ve had SquirrelMail running on one of my servers for the people who like such things. It seems that the upstream support for SquirrelMail has ended (according to the SquirrelMail Wikipedia page there will be no new releases just Subversion updates to fix bugs). One problem with SquirrelMail that seems unlikely to get fixed is the lack of support for base64 encoded From and Subject fields which are becoming increasingly popular nowadays as people who’s names don’t fit US-ASCII are encoding them in their preferred manner.

I’ve recently installed Roundcube to provide an alternative. Of course one of the few important users of webmail didn’t like it (apparently it doesn’t display well on a recent Samsung Galaxy Note), so now I have to support two webmail systems.

Below is a little Perl script to convert a SquirrelMail abook file into the csv format used for importing a RoundCube contact list.


print "First Name,Last Name,Display Name,E-mail Address\n";
  my @fields = split(/\|/, $_);
  printf("%s,%s,%s %s,%s\n", $fields[1], $fields[2], $fields[0], $fields[4], $fields[3]);

5 comments to Squirrelmail vs Roundcube

  • Hagman

    Did you try the updated roundcube from backports? Newer versions have a new skin with responsive design.

  • You could use the squirrelmail_usercopy plugin instead which takes care of the user migration.

  • Anonymous

    FYI: there is a roundcube app for android which might be better than using the web interface on a phone…

  • Did you also have a look at rainloop? It is in the debian repos and I like the UI more than roundcube.

  • Hagman: Thanks for that suggestion, I’ve installed the new version from Backports and asked the users for feedback.

    Guillem: Thanks for the suggestion, it will probably be useful for some readers. I only had 1 user who used the contacts feature so it seemed overkill to install a plugin for 1 user to use once.

    Anon: Why would anyone want to use that? K9 is a really nice IMAP client for Android.

    Martin: I wasn’t aware of it. Thanks for the suggestion, but if the users are happy with Roundcube I’ll stick with that. I don’t want to end up supporting 3 webmail systems!