Links July 2011

The Reid Report has an article about the marriage pledge that Michelle Bachmann signed which implies that slavery wasn’t so bad [1]. Greg Carey has written an interesting article for the Huffington Post about marriage and the bible [2], I always knew that the so-called “conservatives” weren’t basing their stuff on the Bible, but the truth surprised me.

Geoff Lemon has written an interesting blog post about the carbon tax debate in Australia [3]. He focuses on how small it is and how petty the arguments against it are.

Lord Bacon wrote an interesting list of the top 100 items to disappear first in a national emergency [4]. Some of them are specific to region and climate but it is still a good source of ideas for things to stockpile.

Markus Fischer gave an interesting TED talk about the SmartBird that he and his team built [5]. A flying machine that flaps it’s wings isn’t that exciting (my local department store sells toys that implement that concept), but having one closely match the way a bird’s wings work is interesting.

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