New Portslave release after 5 Years

I’ve just uploaded Portslave version 2010.03.30 to Debian, it replaces version 2005.04.03.1. I considered waiting a few days to make the anniversary but I wanted to get the bugs fixed.

I had a bug report suggesting that Portslave should be removed from Debian because of being 5 years without a major release. It has been running well 24*7 on one of my servers for the last 5 years and hasn’t really needed a change. There were enough bugs to keep me busy for a few hours fixing things though.

The irony is that I started using dates as version numbers back when there were several forks of Portslave with different version numbering schemes. I wanted to show that my fork had the newer version and a recent date stamp was a good indication of that. But then when Portslave didn’t need an update for a while the version number showed it and people got the wrong idea.

The new project home page for Portslave is on my document blog [1].

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