School Reunions

I’ve never understood the point of school reunions. The past students association of a secondary school can potentially be of some use when you are looking for your first job, but once your career gets started it seems to be of minimal benefit. But apart from that there is no direct benefit.

I didn’t enjoy school and I feel sorry for anyone who regards high-school as one of the best parts of their life – the rest of their life must be sucking quite badly.

Of the people I knew from school, I am still in contact with the ones I want to know, there are a bunch of others that I feel fairly indifferent about, and many who I would only want to see in an obituary.

For the ones I feel indifferent about, if I was to meet them then I would probably find that I have even less in common with them than I did 19 years ago (for high school) or 25 years ago (for primary school). I could easily attend a meeting that is related to something which interests me and be in a room full of people with whom I have something in common. I have been much easier to find via Google (and previously Alta-Vista or Yahoo) than most people I went to school with, so I presume that everyone who I have not been in contact with has not been interested in finding me for 19 or 25 years.

But I’m not trying to discourage anyone from making contact with me. Anyone who I used to know (from school, university, work, or elsewhere) who reads my blog and thinks that they have significant things in common with me is welcome to send me an email and suggest a meeting. I occasionally receive email from random people who read my blog or my posts to various mailing lists and want to meet me, I sometimes meet such people at LUG meetings etc.

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