Advertising a Scam

Below is a strange Google advert that appeared on my blog. It appeared when I did a search on my blog, it also appears on my post about perpetual motion. It seems quite strange that they are advertising their product as a scam. It’s accurate, but I can’t imagine it helping sales.

Google advert for SCAM

3 comments to Advertising a Scam

  • nine

    I’d buy it. It can replace my current aging engine which runs on high powered execs (getting harder to find since the golden years of the 80s).

  • jamingrit

    Even if it is a scam, then it can’t be much worse than gasoline. ;-)

  • I suspect that what’s happened is the advertiser was using dynamic keyword substitution in their ad. It’s a technique that lets advertisers make their ads seem more relevant by including the actual keywords that the user entered in the ad text, no matter what they were. Ebay do it all the time: often you’ll see an AdWords ads in Google results for something you’ve just searched for, but obviously can’t buy – yet Ebay advertise it anyway with ads like “Find Johnny Depp on Ebay: All the Johnny Depp you need at the best prices” ;-)