Month: February 2008

Hot Plug and How to Defeat It

Finally I found the URL of a device I’ve been hearing rumours about. The HotPlug is a device to allow you to move a computer without turning it off [1]. It is described as being created for “Government/Forensic customers” but is also being advertised for moving servers without powering them down. The primary way that […]


The Bill – Computers for Police

I was watching the British police drama show The Bill [1] and I was impressed by their use of computers. They were analysing the evidence of a homicide and one of the tasks was to assemble a time-line of the related events. They had a projector connected to a computer which displayed the data and […]


An Obstacle for Women in the IT Industry

It is becoming increasingly apparent that this post is not going to do any good, so I have deleted the content. Sorry to the people who were offended. I won’t be writing about such topics again. Related posts: Blog Copyright Infringement I have previously written about some of my efforts to… Blogroll – Bad Social […]


Political Blog Posts

Currently in the US the main political parties are deciding who will contest the next presidential election. Naturally this gets some commentary from all sides. Planet Debian has syndicated two blog posts commenting on these issues, it’s interesting to compare them: First John Goerzen writes a post about an issue he (and almost everyone in […]


Linux Resource Controls

Using the “ulimit” controls over process resource use it is possible to limit RAM for processes and to limit the number of processes per UID. The problem is that this often is only good for accidental problems not dealing with malicious acts. For a multi-user machine each user needs to be allowed to have two […]

Linux Security

The Failure of my Security Blogging Contest

On the 20th of January (8 days before the start of I advertised contest to write blog posts related to computer security for the conference Planet [1]. The aim of the contest was to encourage (by money prizes) people who had no prior experience in computer security to get involved by writing blog posts. […]

Blogging Security

Party for U18s at LCA 2009

This year at Linux.Conf.Au there was a student party sponsored by Google. The party was held in a bar and lots of free drinks were provided. This was fine for the university students, but for school kids it was obviously lacking. Some people point out that it’s “quite legal” to run a party that excludes […]

Security Blogging Contest

It seems that my blogging contest idea is a failure. Could the interested people please meet me near the LCA registration desk at the start of the lunch breakh today for a post-mortem. Any last-minute entries can be submitted by telling me the URL then. Related posts: LCA 2008 Security Blogging Contest I have decided […]

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