Month: August 2007

Living in Hotels

I received a private email in response to my post about getting work in another country regarding hotel prices in London. The person who sent me the message had considered London but ended up moving to Japan instead partly due to living expenses (although Japan seems unlikely to be much cheaper). The first issue concerns […]


Small PC for Creating Word Files

A friend recently asked for advice on a “REALLY small laptop/word processor thingy that would pretty much fit into a (big) pocket, and that only needs to write/word process“. The first problem here is that most people associate “word processing” with desktop publishing and document management. Programs such as MS-Word are considered as having the […]


Debian Lunch Meeting in Melbourne and BSP

This afternoon we had a Debian meeting in Melbourne (Australia) arranged through the Debian-Melb mailing list. We met under the clocks at Flinders St station, had lunch at a good Japanese restaurant, decided not to play LASER games (like paintball but with LASER guns instead of paint guns) due to the queue. The LASER games […]

Getting Work in Another Country

Often there are possibilities to earn more money or gain valuable experience by working in another country. I learned (and earned) a lot while working in London and Amsterdam and recommend travelling if you get the opportunity. There are two ways of getting work in another country. One way is to work for a multi-national […]


Popular Posts

I’ve just reviewed my web stats from last month. Here are what appear to be the most popular posts: Committing Data to Disk – about how RPM and DPKG don’t use fsync() the way I believe that they should. Surprisingly popular (more than twice as popular as #2), maybe the developers of both RPM forks […]


Starting a Heartbeat Resource Without Heartbeat

The command crm_resource allows you to do basic editing of resources in the Heartbeat configuration database. But sometimes you need to do different things and the tool xmlstarlet is a good option. The below script can be used for testing Heartbeat OCF resource scripts. It uses the Heartbeat management program cibadmin to get the XML […]


Xen Saves

A couple of days ago the hardware that is used to host this blog was upgraded – doubling the amount of RAM in the machine. To do this the machine was halted, memtest86+ was run to ensure that the new RAM worked correctly, and then it was booted up again. During that process my ssh […]


Advogato and Hateful/Divisive Posts

Firstly for the benefit of people who haven’t heard of it, the Advogato FAQ and the Wikipedia Page describe what Advogato does. Pete Zaitcev posted a strange article about me to Advogato. In it he accused me of “pumping hateful leftist propaganda into Advogato“, said propaganda being my regular blog posts. In an addendum he […]


ECC RAM in a Cheap Machine

In a comment on my previous post about ECC RAM someone commented that Dell sells PowerEdge desktop machines with ECC RAM. I visited the Dell web site and found that a low-end PowerEdge tower server (which still has a Pentium-D dual-core 64bit CPU) costs as little as $800AU. I also noticed that Dell Precision workstations […]


Germany Leads the World in Solar Power reports that Germany now has 55% of the world’s photo-Voltaic (PV) power generation. The German solar power industry has created tens of thousands of jobs including significant exports – so much for the Australian government claims that supporting the dirty coal industry is necessary for the economy! The renewable power industry in Germany employs […]