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I’ve just reviewed my web stats from last month. Here are what appear to be the most popular posts:

  1. Committing Data to Disk – about how RPM and DPKG don’t use fsync() the way I believe that they should. Surprisingly popular (more than twice as popular as #2), maybe the developers of both RPM forks and dpkg were repeatedly checking for comments.
  2. Terrorism Foolishness – found by and got lots of traffic from there. More than twice as popular as #3.
  3. Prius vs Small Non-Hybrid Car – a little contentious as some Prius owners think I should compare the Prius to a Camry. I will visit a Toyota dealer soon to investigate this matter in more depth. Note that this is a post from June that was one of the most popular reads for July!
  4. Tevion MP4 Player Model M6 – a Review – review of an MP4 player that didn’t satisfy me.
  5. Installing Xen DomU on Debian Etch – from January but still getting read!
  6. A Support Guide to Xen
  7. Buying a Laptop From Another Country
  8. Xen and Heartbeat – another from June.

It seems that most readers of my blog come from Planet Debian. So the above seems like an indication of what people on that planet want to read. Also please see the Future Posts page if you would like to make any suggestions.

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