CAPTCHAs that don’t work

One thing that I don’t like is blogs that provide no method of feedback. When I want to read something with little or no possibility of feedback I’ll read one of the many newspapers that are available.

Craige McWhirter’s blog is one of them. The CAPTCHA system doesn’t work (I must have tried at least 20 times with both Konqueror and Iceweasel) and he doesn’t provide an email address. He does provide a mobile phone number which is handy for people in the same country.

AKISMET works fairly well on my blog and makes the spam quite managable. As the number of legit comments are not that great I manually approve them thus avoiding having a spam ever appear on my blog – showing a spam encourages more of the same.

The comment I wanted to make on his post was to reference my previous blog post on this topic and suggest that one thing that can be done is to improve public transport which will increase the area of land available to people who work in central city areas. This means that the land prices can decrease and housing prices will follow.

Another issue is that he suggests assisting people in paying rent. While this may sound like a good thing the current system of Negative Gearing is designed to decrease rent, but instead merely increases the price of owning a house.

2 comments to CAPTCHAs that don’t work

  • Craige McWhirter

    Define “doesn’t work”. Works fine for me with Firefox and other people seem to have no problems leaving comments.

  • etbe

    I enter all four (or sometimes five) characters that are in the CAPTCHA and it rejects the comment. Give me an email address and I’ll send you screen-shots.