ECC RAM in a Cheap Machine


In a comment on my previous post about ECC RAM someone commented that Dell sells PowerEdge desktop machines with ECC RAM. I visited the Dell web site and found that a low-end PowerEdge tower server (which still has a Pentium-D dual-core 64bit CPU) costs as little as $800AU. I also noticed that Dell Precision workstations that have ECC RAM – but that start at $2400. I wonder how much noise a low-end PowerEdge machine would produce.

HP Workstations with model codes starting with xw also have ECC RAM and are advertised at $584US as the starting price (about the same as a low-end PowerEdge).

I checked out NEC and Lenovo and according to their web sites they don’t make a desktop or desk-side machine that takes ECC RAM (someone please correct me if I’m wrong).

So now I’m looking for cheap HP Workstations and Dell PowerEdge and Precision machines at auction.

2 thoughts on “ECC RAM in a Cheap Machine”

  1. Anonymous says:

    IBM offers servers with ECC RAM.

  2. etbe says:

    Anon: EVERYONE offers rack-mount servers (and other machines you don’t want on your desk) with ECC RAM. What I’m after is a workstation or a tower server that is relatively quiet with ECC RAM, and Lenovo doesn’t seem to offer such things.

    If there is something I’ve missed then please give me a URL or a model number.

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