Month: June 2007

Prius vs small non-hybrid car

In response to my comment and post about the cost of driving to work there was a comment on the blog post I responded to suggesting that a small car is better value for money than a hybrid car. The claim was made regarding a Nissan Pulsar, but to investigate this I decided to compare […]


submissions for LCA and other conferences

In this post I recommended that job seekers not publish their CV. In a comment Gunnar suggested having a special CV for conferences. I think that Gunnar’s idea is good and have started writing my conference CV at When I complete it I will make it part of every submission for speaking at a […]

Career Speech

costs of driving to work

Mark Greenaway expresses surprise that someone could spend $8000 per annum on petol. I own a 1999 VW Passat 2.8L that does 12.8L/100Km (based on my average driving habits – I record the amount of petrol purchased and the distance driven). I spend an average of just over $60 a month on petrol, so I’m […]


putting HTML codes and other special characters into a blog entry

I often want to write blog posts about HTML code and about source code in various languages. One problem I have is that the characters I want to use have special meanings (EG < and >), another is that I indent source code to make it readable and I don’t want the spaces trimmed from […]


configuring a Heartbeat service

In my last post about Heartbeat I gave an example of a script to start and stop a cluster service. In that post I omitted to mention that the script goes in the directory /usr/lib/ocf/resource.d/heartbeat. To actually use the script you need to write some XML configuration to tell Heartbeat which parameters should be passed […]


Heartbeat service scripts

A service script for Heartbeat needs to support at least three operations, start, stop, and status. The operations will return 0 on success, 7 on failure (which in the case of the monitor script means that the service is not running) and any other value to indicate that something has gone wrong. In the second […]