Day: June 11, 2007

Nixforce unauthorised use

Just over two days ago I sent a DMCA take-down request to for copying my content in violation of the non-commercial license that I offer, I have not had a response from them and they have kept mirroring my site. I have just sent a DMCA take-down to which appears to be their […]


Easy Search Engine Optimisation in WordPress

The first thing you need is to have meta keywords in the pages. The solution I discovered for doing this is the All In One SEO Pack, this automatically makes the categories of a blog post become meta keywords, allows adding arbitrary meta keywords when editing the blog post, and supports keywords for the entire […]


Prius vs small non-hybrid car

In response to my comment and post about the cost of driving to work there was a comment on the blog post I responded to suggesting that a small car is better value for money than a hybrid car. The claim was made regarding a Nissan Pulsar, but to investigate this I decided to compare […]