tcpdump and ps

Today I was doing some network tracing and figured out how to track the start and end of TCP connections. The following tcpdump command will get all SYN, FIN, and RST packets on port 80 and all ICMP packets:

tcpdump -i bond0 -n “port 80 and tcp[tcpflags] & (tcp-syn|tcp-fin|tcp-rst) != 0 or icmp”

Also recently I was tracking down some minor security issues related to programs that call setuid() to drop privs but never call setgid() and therefore always run with GID==0 which gives them a lot of access to the system. The following ps command gives the real, effective, saved, and filesystem UIDs and GIDs mapped to names. Note that with some versions of ps different fields have different truncation lengths.

ps -eo pid,user,euser,suser,fuser,group,egroup,sgroup,fgroup,comm

The next thing I have to do is to patch PS to show the supplementary groups.

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