Video Camera for Shared Movies

I have never felt inclined to create content for Youtube due to the low resolution of the display and the fact that only one format is supported (Flash which is totally non-free).

The existence of has inspired my interest in creating videos for distribution on the net. has higher resolution than Youtube and […]

Public Security Cameras

There is ongoing debate about the issue of security cameras, how many should there be, where should they be located, and who should be able to access the data.

I spent about a year living in London which probably has more security cameras and a greater ratio of cameras to people than any other city. […]

Photography and Censorship at APEC

World News Australia reports that Police forced three tourists to delete photos of a fence. Apparently the officers in question believed that such photos would be a threat to security.

It’s interesting to note that the first sentence of the World News Australia report is “Officials say police who forced three tourists to delete photos […]