Divisive Behavior

Past Sins

Sam Varghese wrote an article about Matthew Garrett’s LCA talk “The Linux community: what is it and how to be a part of it” [1]. In page 2 Sam quotes Martin Krafft as asking about how Matthew’s behavior had changed between 2004 and the present, Sam cites some references for Matthew’s actions in […]

Net Neutrality

Martin Krafft advocates a model of Internet access where advertisers pay for the Internet connection [1]. The first problem with this idea is the base cost of providing net access – which in most cases is wires to the premises. Every service that involves a cable to someone’s house (Cable TV, Cable/DSL net access, or […]

Can the NBN Ever Break Even?

I previously wrote about how the National Broadband Network (NBN) seems more suited to porn delivery than regular Internet use [1]. It doesn’t seem to be of much use really. In a particularly insightful comment John Hughes suggested that the real purpose would be TV delivery.

The ABC is currently delivering 640*360 resolution MPEG4 files […]

Would you Short-Change a Pedophile?

For some time the film industry has been running an anti-piracy campaign with slogans such as “you wouldn’t steal a car” [1] in an attempt to draw a false analogy between downloading a movie and stealing a significant and valuable object – the modern equivalent to being a “horse thief“. One of the many ways […]

National Broadband/Porn Network

Currently we have a new “National Broadband Network” under construction in Australia [1]. It is going to cost $43,000,000,000 which is $5,000 per household. It is designed to deliver 100Mb/s speeds to most homes – that is the homes that can currently get more than 8Mb/s through ADSL2+ or cable connections.

The question is, what […]

Michael Atkinson Lies

The South Australian government wanted to force bloggers to disclose their name and post-code when commenting on an election [1]. According to Adelaide Now this included posts on Twitter and Facebook [2].

As expected there was a strong public reaction to this and Michael Atkinson (state Attorney General) stated that the law was not going […]

Precision vs Accuracy in Identifying People

Andrew Dowdell and Michael McGuire have an interesting article in the Adelaide Now about censorship in the South Australian election [1]. The South Australian government wants to force everyone who comments on the upcoming SA election to provide their name and postcode. Attorney-General Michael Atkinson said the law was “all about honesty“. However a law […]

Preventing Children from Accessing Porn

The following was written by Stefano Cosentino in regard to the ongoing efforts of the Australian government to censor the Internet with “protecting the children” as an excuse.

All these Internet filtering ideas that have been in the news lately has made me voice my own opinion on the matter as a non-expert. I’m an […]

Killing Bankers

John Robb wrote an interesting post about running web sites to target corporations such as Goldman Sachs [1] (such as tracking where it’s employees live).

Naked Capitalism has an interesting post about US investment banks getting preferential access to vaccines [2]. In the comments section some people state an intention to deliberately infect Goldman employees […]


The latest news is that the CEO of the new NBN (National Broadband Network) will receive a $2 million salary [1]. This has been defended as “the price required to secure the best person for the job“. The problem with this idea is that it’s not the first time that a multi-million dollar salary has […]