Do Not Use …

When I connect my Desklab USB-C monitor [1] (which has been vastly underused for the last 3 years) into a Linux system the display type is listed as “DO NOT USE – RTK“.

One of the more informative discussions of this was on Linux Mint forums [2] which revealed that it’s a mapping for an code that shouldn’t be used. So it’s not saying “don’t use this monitor” it’s saying “don’t use this code”. So the Desklab people when they implemented a display with an RTK chipset should have changed the ID field from “RTK” to something representing their use. On Debian the file /usr/share/hwdata/pnp.ids has the IDs and you can grep for RTK in that.

Also for programmers, please use more descriptive strings than “do not use”, when I was trying to find this on Debian code search [3] it turned up hundreds of pages of results which was more than a human can read through. If the text had been something that would make sense to a user such as “OEM please replace with company name” it would have made it very clear to me (and all the other people searching for this) what it meant and the fact that Desklab had stuffed up. So instead of wondering about this for years before eventually finding the right Google search to find the answer I could have worked it out immediately if the text had been clearer.

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