BIND Configuration Files

I’ve recently been setting up more monitoring etc to increase the reliability of servers I run. One ongoing issue with computer reliability is any case where a person enters the same data in multiple locations, often people make mistakes and enter slightly different data which can give bad results.

For DNS you need to have at least 2 authoritative servers for each zone. I’ve written the below Makefile to extract the zone names from the primary server and generate a config file suitable for use on a secondary server. The next step is to automate this further by having the Makefile copy the config file to secondary servers and run “rndc reload”. Note that in a typical Debian configuration any user in group “bind” can write to BIND config files and reload the server configuration so this can be done without granting the script on the primary server root access on the secondary servers.

My blog replaces the TAB character with 8 spaces, you need to fix this up if you want to run the Makefile on your own system and also replace with the IP address of your primary server.

all: other/secondary.conf

other/secondary.conf: named.conf.local Makefile
        for n in $$(grep ^zone named.conf.local | cut -f2 -d\"|sort) ; do echo "zone \"$$n\" {\n  type slave;\n  file \"$$n\";\n  masters {; };\n};\n" ; done > other/secondary.conf

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