LUV Hardware Library

What is it?

Last month I started what I am calling the LUV Hardware Library. It’s a briefcase full of computer parts that are free to LUV members which I plan to bring to all LUV meetings [1]. The issue is that there is a lot of hardware which has no great value to people and is often excess to requirements but which is still somewhat expensive or difficult to obtain and thus transferring it from the people who don’t need it to people who do provides a significant benefit to the recipient but no real cost to the donor.

Currently my briefcase has a range of different types of DIMM, some PCI cards, some assorted cables, a laptop SATA disk, and a bunch of other random things. Most of the stuff has been in my spare parts pile for a year or two, but some of it has been donated by other people.

What we Need

The next thing we need is more packaging, anti-static bags for RAM and PCI cards, sealable bags for screws, and some way of storing motherboard batteries.

In terms of hardware that can be donated one thing that would be really useful is SATA disks. I’m sure that there are lots of people who have upgraded the storage of their computer and kept the old drive with no real chance of using it. But there are lots of people who need such disks, for example I’ve been giving away a bunch of P4 systems which lack disks and are not cabled for IDE disks – a supply of SATA disks would make them a lot more usable.

Also any other random electronic stuff is of interest, including non-Linux things such as mobile phones (but only if not network locked).

If you have something that’s big or heavy to donate then contact me via email first.

Other Options

Computerbank does great work in rebuilding old PCs and selling them cheaply to worthy people [2], but most of the spare hardware I get is below the minimum specs that they will accept. I’m not planning to compete with Computerbank in any way, I just want to provide a useful service to LUV members who want to upgrade their PC for free.

I encourage other people to do the same at other LUG meetings!

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