Month: February 2010

Which People are Stupid on the Internet?

I don’t think that the answer is “everyone” or even “everyone other than my geeky friends“, but obviously it is a large number of people. Many people apparently type “facebook” into Google and try to login to the first thing that they see, if it happens to not be Facebook then they whine – this […]

Misc Computer

Web Site Validation

Over the last few days I’ve got this blog and my documents blog to conform to valid XHTML according to the W3C validation service [1]. One significant change that I made was to use lower-case for HTML tags. For about 15 years I’ve been using capitals for tags to make them stand out from content […]


Security and Hiring

The main sources of information used when hiring someone are their CV, the interview, and references. CV The CV is written by the applicant or sometimes for the applicant. Naturally it says only good things, if a CV notes no skill in a particular area then it may be used to exclude an employee from […]


Michael Atkinson Lies

The South Australian government wanted to force bloggers to disclose their name and post-code when commenting on an election [1]. According to Adelaide Now this included posts on Twitter and Facebook [2]. As expected there was a strong public reaction to this and Michael Atkinson (state Attorney General) stated that the law was not going […]


3G Broadband for Home Use

I have just installed an old Three mobile phone with 3G broadband for my parents home network access for the reasons described in my cheap net access in Australia post [1]. The first problem I had was that the pre-paid Three SIM just wouldn’t work at all. I ended up phoning the Three support line […]


Precision vs Accuracy in Identifying People

Andrew Dowdell and Michael McGuire have an interesting article in the Adelaide Now about censorship in the South Australian election [1]. The South Australian government wants to force everyone who comments on the upcoming SA election to provide their name and postcode. Attorney-General Michael Atkinson said the law was “all about honesty“. However a law […]


Choosing an Australian Mobile Telco for use with Android

Since playing with the IBM Seer augmented reality software [1] I’ve been lusting after a new mobile phone which can do such things. While the implementation of Seer that I tried was not of great practical use to me (not being a tennis fan I was only there to learn about computers) it was a […]