Month: July 2009

Journalism, Age, and Mono

Daniel Stone has criticised the IT journalist Sam Varghese for writing a negative article about a college student [1]. The student in question is 21 years old, that means he is legally an adult in almost every modern jurisdiction that I am aware of (the exception being Italy where you must be 25 years old […]


Released Bonnie++ 1.96

I have released version 1.96 of Bonnie++ in the experimental branch [1]. The main changes are: Made it compile on Solaris again (version 1.95 broke that) Now supports more files for the small file creation test (16^10 files is the limit), and it handles an overflow better. Incidentally this will in some situations change the […]


DomainKeys and OpenSSL have Defeated Me

I have previously written about an error that valgrind reported in the STL when some string operations were performed by the DKIM library [1]. This turned out to be a bug, Jonathan Wakely filed GCC bug report #40518 [2] about it, Jonathan is one of many very skillful people who commented on that post. deb […]

Misc Computer

Web Hosting After Death

Steve Kemp writes about his concerns for what happens to his data after death [1]. Basically everything will go away when bills stop being paid. If you have hosting on a monthly basis (IE a Xen DomU) then when the bank account used for the bill payment is locked (maybe a week after death) the […]