I Am #40 in Don Marti’s List

Don Marti has written his own equivalent to Technorati based on links from blogs that he reads, and my blog comes in at #40 in the list (last place) [1].

Don does note the fact that such lists mean little and links to a post by Doc Searls [2] which makes the same point more strongly. But it’s still interesting to note.

Also if Don chose to release the Perl script in question (or host is as a cgi-bin script) to allow other people to make their own top 40 list then I’m sure that many people would appreciate it (I’ll write such a script myself and release it if he doesn’t). He notes when publishing his list that a blog may be included even if he never reads it. I believe that if a blog is highly ranked according to links from blogs that you read then it’s quite likely that you will be interested in reading it, it may be a blog that is opposed to your beliefs (for example I’m sure I’m not the only person in the Linux community to link to an official Microsoft blog) but if it gets enough links then it would be worth reading at least once (if only to discover why you don’t like it). While I can’t tell Don to read every blog on his top 40 list I’ll certainly read every blog on my top 40 list at least once when I create the list.

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