Month: September 2007

A New Spam Trick

One item on my todo list is to set up a bunch of email addresses on sub-domains of domains that I am responsible for (with the consent of all people involved of course) and perform various actions to get the addresses noticed by spammers and measure how effective the various anti-spam measures are. As part […]


Hot-swap Storage

I recently had to decommission an old Linux server and replace it with a new machine. When I was about to turn it off I noticed a power cable of the type used for IDE hard drives leaving the Linux server and entering an NT server that was in the same rack! It turned out […]


Carbon Geo-Sequestration

My post about Why Hydrogen Powered Cars Will Never Work has received a record number of comments. Some of them suggested that carbon geo-sequestration (storing carbon-dioxide at high pressure under-ground) is the solution to the climate change problem. The idea is that you can mix natural gas or coal gas with steam at high temperature […]