Feedburner Item Link Clicks

For a while I used the Item Link Clicks feature in Feedburner. For those who aren’t aware Feedburner is a service that proxies access to an RSS feed (you need to either publish the Feedburner URL as the syndication link or use a HTTP redirect to send the requests there – I use a HTTP […]

Controlling a STONITH and Upgrading a Cluster

One situation that you will occasionally encounter when running a Heartbeat cluster is a need to prevent a STONITH of a node. As documented in my previous post about testing STONITH the ability to STONITH nodes is very important in an operating cluster. However when the sys-admin is performing maintenance on the system or programmers […]

Colorado Software Summit 2007

On about 5 years I attended the conference The Colorado Software Summit. The first one was the last conference under the old name (ColoradOS/2) but then as OS/2 was rapidly losing market share and the conference delegates changed their programming interests it changed to become a Java conference.

The Colorado Software Summit rapidly became known […]

A Great Advertising Web Site

The site is an advert for a book of short stories. The web site is funny and quirky (two qualities that are required for a site to become virally popular), works well on all browser sizes, has a navigation method that is unique (or at least something I don’t recall seeing done so well […]


In the IP protocol stack the lowest level protocol is ARP (the Address Resolution Protocol). ARP is used to request the Ethernet hardware (MAC) address of the host which owns a particular IP address.

# arping ARPING 60 bytes from 00:60:b0:3c:62:6b ( index=0 time=339.031 usec 60 bytes from 00:60:b0:3c:62:6b ( index=1 time=12.967 msec […]

IT Recruiting Agencies – Advice for Contract Workers

I read an interesting post on Advogato about IT recruiting agencies (along with an interesting preface about medical treatment for broken ribs).

Their report closely mirrored my experience in many ways. Here are what I consider to be the main points for a job applicant dealing with recruiters:

Ask more than you believe that you […]

Ethernet Bonding and a Xen Bridge

After getting Ethernet Bonding working (see my previous post) I tried to get it going with a bridge for Xen.

I used the following in /etc/network/interfaces to configure the bond0 device and to make the Xen bridge device xenbr0 use the bond device:

iface bond0 inet manual pre-up modprobe bond0 pre-up ifconfig bond0 up hwaddress […]

Ethernet Bonding on Debian Etch

I have previously blogged about Ethernet bonding on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Now I have a need to do the same thing on Debian Etch – to have multiple Ethernet links for redundancy so that if one breaks the system keeps working.

The first thing to do on Debian is to install the package ifenslave-2.6 […]

Porn For Children

James Purser writes about the current plans for Internet filtering in Australia and concentrates on the technical issues (whether it will degrade the ISP service) and the issue of who’s moral standards should be enforced for the entire country.

But the fact is that children have never had any problem accessing porn. When I was […]

Is Hand-writing Necessary?

The Washington Post has an article about handwriting, apparently for some university entrance exams in the US 85% of students write their essays in block letters. The article claims that students who have poor writing skills demonstrate lesser ability to construct sentences – and claims that this indicates that there is a link between hand-writing […]